Fawski Raised Pet Feeders from Corian, Hardwoods and Stainless Steel

The Fawski Challenge!
  • Have those nasty black fungus rings appeared on your wooden topped feeder?
  • Or, worse still, have those fungus rings come back on your refinished wooden top?
  • Is that ornate metal base starting to rust?
  • Is your feeder coming apart at the joints?
  • Is your current raised feeder just not meeting your expectations?

If so, test a Fawski to convince yourself that no other raised feeder measures up to a Fawski.

George accepted the challenge!

Uther and Lacey’s original Fawskis are now 11 years old.  They have been used by 5 Newfs so far.  They are as sturdy and beautiful as they were the day they were made.  We have yet to receive our first claim that a Fawski has failed its Pledge or Warranty.

Our Pledge

The Finest Fawski Guarantee

The Fawski seal that appears on each of my Finest Feeders represents my pledge that each component of that product was selected personally by me.

Every operation to create that product was performed by me, starting with wood selection and including milling and polishing of the DuPont™ Corian®.

Consequently, I believe that my materials are the finest available and my 40 years of woodworking and furniture building experience are your assurance of a quality product.

I stand by my product, and it is guaranteed unconditionally for life if my construction or my components fail!



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