Fawski Foto Box

"For you professional dog and cat show photographers, the purpose of the Fawski Foto Box is clear, I'm sure.  Using dimensions from John Ashbey's white plastic box, he, Dave McCurley and I developed the Fawski version. The Fawski Foto Box is offered in a choice of quality hardwoods and can only enhance the "quality look" of your work product. A Fawski marries quality, good looks and durability as it is designed to endure the rigors of show use. Ask John or Dave."

Fawski Foto Box - This unit holds the signage for Dog Show Photographers.
Photographer's Foto Box - Price $395.00

  1. Designed to accept standard 10" signage.  The total height of signage is 12 15/16".
  2. Built-in Corian® guides on all wear points.
  3. 19 signage storage slots accommodating (2)2" wide signs each.
  4. A sliding back held in place by a unique latching means to keep signage securely stored when traveling but easily removed when shooting.
  5. Unit easily broken down by removing 10 screws.
  6. Can be assembled and disassembled as often as
    needed without affecting integrity because threaded inserts combine with brass machine screws to secure unit.
  7. Replacement parts are available.
  8. Durable urethane finish protects against water damage.
  9. Designed with a user-friendly, ergonomic handle.
  10. Built in approval return section which accommodates 8 1/2"x10" envelopes.
  11. Integral front center bar to facilitate signage removal.
  12. Constructed to be very sturdy and to overcome warpage issues when used in harsh weather, yet weighing only 5lbs.
  13. Carefully handcrafted with a furniture-grade appearance to compliment your photographic work product.
Fawski Foto Box - Back view.
Carrying Handle built-in to standard top.
Fawski Foto Box - Rear access for signage.
Back slides out to access signage storage.
Fawski Foto Box - Carrying handle and envelope slot on top.
® signage slides and brass screws .
Fawski Foto Box - Breaks down for traveling.
Breaks-down for travel.

Another design for the Fawski Foto Box has come to our attention and we think it is a design that others may find helpful.  You may select the new split top with the dowel handle  and/or the Dutch Door style back.  This option provides a handy storage compartment after removing the top portion of the back for storing items during your shooting day.  It, too, can easily be removed to disassemble the box..  

Photographer's Foto Box 
w/Split Top & Dutch Door Back-  Price $395.00

The Dutch door option provides a handy storage compartment after removing the top portion of the back for storing items during your shooting day.  It, too, can easily be removed to disassemble the box.

Shown with Split Top

Dutch Door Back

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** Typical Lead Time is 10 days **

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