Fawski Raised Pet Feeders from Corian, Hardwoods and Stainless Steel


Letters from our fans

Hi Frank:                                                                  Aug 2, 2006

Cuzco's feeder arrived yesterday, let me tell you its beautiful.  I can see the pride you take in your work!!!  Cuzco is very happy.  Feeding time is special for him every day.  He looks forward to eating, he is such a good boy and deserving of this masterpiece you have made him ....... thanks so much, we will send pics soon.                                                                               Tom

Hi Fawski!                                                               May 10, 2006

I received the new feeder on Friday and WOW what a difference!  You'll be happy that you've switched to Fed Ex!  It was packed better so it was more secure in the box and not a single dent in the box!  It's perfect!  I can't thank you enough for remaking the feeder for me ... talk about excellent customer service!  Also, thank you for the shipping refund  ... it was very thoughtful of you!  You've really made a loyal customer out of me!

Near the end of the year we may be moving to a larger home ... with a larger kitchen ... so I'll need another feeder then.  Also, I'm thinking of getting 2 for the house on the Cape but I may need a different color.  We're going there on Memorial Day weekend so I'll be able to check it out then ... can't remember the color of the cabinets.  I've also given to my vet the flyers you sent me so hopefully it may generate some business for you.

Thank you again for everything!
Maria, BeBe & Madonna ... woof!

To Frank:                                                              June 21, 2006

The feeder arrived today and I love it.  It looks great, blends in very nicely with my cabinets, and does not move at all when my dog eats from the bowl.  Thanks again, Frank.  It's perfect.


Hi Frank,

Yes, I will be attending the Wine Country Dog show circuit.  Don't know if I'll do all 4 days, but I'll be there.  Yes it is beautiful and plenty of wineries to visit.

I still need to send you that digital photo I took of Cali eating out of her new feeder.  We all love it!!  I've had sooo many compliments on her feeder.  I eventually will get one for Noche:)

Are you going to vendor in Syracuse in November and Cleveland in December?  

Mary Beth

We Love our Fawski Feeder 

After spending far more than we intended to spend on a kitchen and family room addition, we found our wicker and iron holders for the dog water bowls to pale in comparison with there surroundings.  We needed elevated bowls due to owning large dogs, but what we owned looked out of place.   

The Fawski Feeder with its impeccably-finished cherry legs and black Corian top perfectly matched our new cherry cabinets and black granite counter tops.  Furthermore the feeder is a delight to keep clean and neat in our new kitchen.  We now think our remodeled kitchen is complete, and our six dogs are quite satisfied with their watering station!

It arrived, safe and sound, on Friday.   It's a Christmas present for my daughter so there will be a delay in it's "use" but I will send you pictures when they are available.  The feeder is lovely and will look great the kitchen currently under renovation. 

Thanks,    Carolyn



I received it today and it is beautiful and matches my countertop perfectly.  See you next year. and Thanks.



Hi Frank,  We rec'd our feeder this afternoon.  It is beautiful.  We have a 16 month old English Springer Spaniel and just yesterday adopted a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel.   I'm sure we will get much use of the feeder.  We are very pleased with it and it is the perfect height. 

Thanks so much!  We will send a picture when we get a chance.  Hopefully over the holidays.

Hope you enjoy the holidays. 

Pam & Jeff


Our feeder arrived.  It matches my mom's cherry kitchen cabinets and corian top!!  My mom and dad are so happy!!  We love our new feeder because we have 2 water bowls instead of one - more water available all the time.  Thank you. 

Many licks from us Old English Sheepdogs,

Nikki, Libby, Mariah, and Heidi



The holidays are on us, and I apologize for being so delinquent in e-mailing you.   

As you know, we bought our Fawski Feeder to match a kitchen that we had recently renovated.  Last summer, when we were taking a platter out of the cupboard which is located above our feeder, and it slipped crashing a deep cut in the top of the feeder.  Aside from losing the platter, I was sorry to see the feeder damaged.  

It is a fine piece of furniture, and I felt the same about it being damaged as if it had been my dining room table.  I can't thank you enough for fixing it for us, and I truly want to thank you for doing so with out charge.  

Your work if magnificent, and to have to do it twice for the same feeder is beyond the call of duty.  You are a fine craftsman, and given how much we spend on home renovation these days, it is wonderful to find a beautiful and serviceable dog dish to water pups.  

Cleanup is always a breeze with this feeder, and it simply is a beautiful piece of furniture.  

Thank you again.


Hi Frank,

Happy holidays to you and your wife. The past week has been madness, so I haven't had time to write. I received the furler last Tuesday. It is fabulous! I might be looking for another one for a friend, I will let you know. If saluki people saw this in person, they would probably want to buy one. 

Happy New Year to you. I look forward to seeing you at the shows.

Mark says hello. 

Hi Frank, 

The Furler arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  We love it!  It is perfect for our new kitchen.  The color is a perfect match for the new cabinets. 

Thanks again,


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