Fawski Raised Pet Feeders from Corian, Hardwoods and Stainless Steel

Uther The seeds for the Fawski Feeder were sown thirteen years ago when my masters moved into their new home. My mistress selected very attractive cherry kitchen cabinets with Corian® countertops. Soon afterwards, I joined the family, along with Lacey, for whom our largest feeder is named. Having seen Pellinore, my masters' first male Newfoundland, struggle to eat and drink from his bowls on the floor for his entire thirteen years, my master was determined to make things easier for us.

Since Lacey and I would be dining next to our beautiful kitchen, my master decided to create a feeder for each each of us to match our cabinetry and countertops. He held my bowl, with his wooden measuring stick in hand, to determine a convenient height for eating and drinking. Luckily, there were some Corian® scraps left over that allowed him to match the kitchen countertops perfectly. Lacey and I took to the feeders immediately. Those original feeders are still going strong and look the way they did the day when they were finished. A quick wipe of the tops while washing the evening dishes is all that’s needed.

Seeing how well the prototypes worked, my master was convinced that he had hit upon something, and that’s how it all happened. Fawski’s first offering was a single bowl feeder similar to Lacey’s and mine. Since then, the feeder line has expanded to include a modern design and double bowl feeders. Funny thing...each feeder is still made with the same loving care and attention to detail as our originals. There’s no corner cutting in our shop.


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